Saturday, April 23, 2016

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Our local newspaper (which I really like) is running a contest (which I really don’t like) in honor of Mother’s Day.  It’s a Mother-Daughter Look-Alike contest.  The blurb about the contest starts out, “Do you have your mom’s smile? Do your daughter’s eyes look just like yours?”

Don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing wrong with a mother and daughter looking alike.  It just seems superficial.  I have three wonderful daughters who resemble me in so many ways:  their determination, their kind hearts, their work ethic, their giving attitudes.  However, being adopted, and Asian to boot, they look nothing like me.  I feel a little miffed about this contest and it’s not simply an adoption issue.  There are lots of biologically related moms and daughters who do not look alike.  Does that make them, or my daughters and me, less special in our relationships?  No!  I’d much rather have my daughters be the type of people on the inside who exhibit positive attributes learned, at least partly, from me, their mom, than be concerned with whether or not we look alike on the outside.

Perhaps an essay contest would be better.  Mothers could write about what they see of themselves in their daughters.  Daughters could write about what important life lessons they learned from their mothers.  I could write about another trait my daughters and I share and for which I take full responsibility – a paralyzing fear of spiders.  Now that’s a mother-daughter act-alike winner!

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