Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Cootie Bugs and Briefcases

A cousin just posted this picture online and it gave me a jolt.  Not only did I have a beloved set of Cootie Bugs, but I realize now the way I cared for the set (always putting everything back in place) foretold what would become, I believe, one of my strongest traits:  being organized.  Both at home and at work (back when I went out for a job) I have always been very organized.  “A place for everything and everything in its place,” pretty much describes how I live and how I’ve managed to juggle the crazy schedule we call normal.

Years ago I realized another foretelling piece of play:  business grown-up.  I’d take my sister-in-law’s briefcase and a bunch of papers she had from some seminars she’d attended.  I would organize the papers into different piles based on color or size or content style, then I’d place them carefully into the slots of the briefcase before carrying it around the house like I was heading off to work.

Thinking of how obviously prophetic these two types of play were makes me ponder what other types of play might have been harbingers to other, more latent, traits or talents.  What do I have left inside me waiting to be discovered?  I think gracious, active aging demands we assume we have gifts left to be discovered.

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