Saturday, December 5, 2015

Senior Discounts and Putting on Your Pants

I am not one to bow down to aging.  While I plan to age gracefully, I also plan to keep aging issues at bay for as long as possible.  I recently listened to the book, Goddesses Never Age by Christiane Northrup.  It is, in my opinion, a life-changing book, but there are a few ideas I disagree with.  One is not acknowledging aging by declining “senior discounts”.  I’m a thrifty person and I take great pleasure in asking for my senior discounts whenever one is available.  Besides, I usually receive a comment about not looking old enough to be a “senior”.  That won’t be the case forever, so I might as well reap the compliments while I can.  It’s like when you were 28 and were carded when ordering a glass of wine.  At first there’s a feeling of irritation about having to pull out your wallet, but then you realize, eventually they’re not going to card you at all.

As I think about aging and what I accept (my senior discount) and what I don’t (societal expectations of someone my age), one area I will acquiesce to is the need to sit down while putting on pants. All my life I’ve stood up while putting on my pants, but recently I’ve had a couple of times when my foot has gotten stuck in the pants and I’ve found myself hopping all over the floor to regain my balance and get my foot out.  That doesn’t sound like such a big thing, but getting one’s foot stuck in the pants while putting them on in a standing position is actually a fairly common cause of in-home injuries.  In 2001 the BBC reported nearly 6,000 people in Britain were hurt after tripping over their trousers.  Yes, seriously, someone actually took a count.  I know a woman who fell down when her foot got stuck in her pants.  She broke her leg, had two surgeries, and months of rehabilitation and physical therapy – all because she didn’t sit down while putting on her pants.

So, be it ever so slight, I will bow down to this potential hazard of aging and I will sit while putting on my pants.  I’m still going to run races, do burpees (even though they’re not pretty), and do whatever else I can to feel and stay young, but I will sit down to put on my pants.

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Sallywrite said...

That's actually really good advice!!! Sitting down from now on. :).