Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Picture of My Life

One of my cousins posted a picture on Facebook of her seemingly messy family room.  She then went on to describe away the “mess” – books out because four of her children stayed up an hour late to read to her the night before, a hot pack that eases her daughter’s sore shoulder which is not a torn ligament so she will be able to continue competing as a swimmer, random drawings by little girls, etc.  She ended the Facebook post by asking, “What does the picture of your life look like?”

Meeko camouflaged on the chair
and Fen sprawled out on the floor.
My immediate response was mine would include four dogs, but I think the question calls for more thought than that.  Surely the picture of my life would be neat and tidy; I am an organizational freak, after all.  There are times, of course, when clutter happens, but that’s something I’ve always fought against. – a place for everything and everything in its place.  My picture would look inviting and comfortable: furnishings chosen and arranged to indicate they’re to be used, not just viewed; toys, blankets, and high chair all within easy reach; multiple dog beds; stacks of books and magazines; my laptop always nearby, an end table for every seat – what good is a place to sit if there’s not a place to set your coffee?

My picture pretty much describes who I am: organized, open, inviting with a penchant for children and dogs.  Oh, and the furniture is red, of course.

What does the picture of your life look like?

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