Sunday, November 9, 2014


My own lovely daughter doing the "pose"
Over the past few years I’ve noticed most girls and young women pose in a hand-on-hip stance when getting their picture taken. They stand at a slight angle to the camera with one hip out just a bit and their hand on that hip. It’s sort of a model’s pose and it’s become the norm. I suppose it’s supposed to make one look thinner in the camera’s eye. Years ago I read something in O, The Oprah Magazine about how to pose for a photo.  The instructions went something like “chin up, shoulders back and breasts to the sun”. I have no desire to take on the hands-on-hip pose of the teens and twenty-somethings, but Oprah’s instructions have carried me through my forties and into my fifties.

Me doing the "grandma pose"
Yesterday I realized there’s a new pose in vogue.  It’s a pose for those of us in the grandparent years and I see it over and over in photos friends post with their infant grandchildren.  Yesterday I had my husband take a first photo of me with our new grandson.  When I looked at it later as I was posting to Facebook, sure enough, there I was doing the “Grandma” pose – body turned slightly from the camera, baby cuddled up against my chest, me looking at the camera with, of course, a huge smile on my face.  This pose may not make me look thinner and, with a baby in my arms, it’s tough to tell what might be happening with my breasts, but holding my grandson for the first time and realizing I am embarking on a wondrous new journey, left me unconcerned about shoulders, hips and chins, yet completely camera-ready.

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

The grandna pose is the BEST!