Friday, October 10, 2014

Bundt Cake

There’s a new energy swirling around our family. It’s affecting our actions, our talk, and our plans.  Our family has always been pretty tight, but this energy is bringing us even closer.  Everyone, teenagers included, shows up for a day of work without complaining, we all sit around a table talking for hours before making a group decision, and we all have the same focus sitting excitedly, expectantly at the forefront of our thoughts.  The best way I can describe this energy flow is as if there were a Bundt cake – you know, the kind with the curved top and the hole in the middle – and all of this energy (aka love) is flowing in, like frosting, from all directions and down through the center of this cake.  And the source of all this energy?  A different kind of “Bundt”.  Bunt (without the “d”) means “a small hit” in baseball terms and it is the in utero name we’ve given (that was the group decision mentioned above) to our oldest son and his wife’s baby, expected next month.  Bunt will be the first through the door to the next generation of our family.

While Bunt lies blissfully in utero – growing, moving, and preparing for life outside, the rest of us are agog with wonder and excitement.  I’m sure Bunt has no idea about the commotion going on out here or about the massive amount of loving energy flowing into that Bundt cake.  But Bunt will soon find out.  And with all that loving energy pouring in, how can our little Bunt fail to grow into anything other than a Home Run?

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