Tuesday, April 8, 2014


A few weeks ago, my husband and I were out for a run on a favorite local trail when an old man approached us.  The old man greeted my husband, who was several paces in front of me.  I immediately recognized this old man as someone I’d written about previously (This Day – The Gift in Action).  When he approached me, pointing his finger and calling out, “You have a good day today,” I exclaimed, “I remember you!”  This stopped him in his tracks.  I stopped, too, and went on to explain that I remembered his jolly “hello” from a year ago and that, at the time, it had made my day.  I told him I was inspired by his attitude and realized I wanted to live my life with his type of positive outlook.  I asked him if I could hug him and I did, because that’s what I do.  He looked a bit teary and stammered out, “Well, you…you’ve made MY day.”  I smiled for the rest of my run (and I ran all of it without walking).  I hoped he realized what a positive force he was sending out with his simple greetings.

I just read an article in O, the Oprah Magazine, about loneliness, connections, and the need to “just say hello”.  The article suggests we can all reach out and improve our relationships, as well as our health, by simply saying “hello” and starting up a conversation.  I’m really good at this, as my sometimes-embarrassed children would quickly point out, but after seeing our old friend on the trail, I’m more determined to be the bright spot each day in some person’s life.  As a start, to each of you reading this, “Hello!  You have a good day today!”

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