Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sleep Just Gets In the Way

Sleep is overrated.

I’ve always fallen asleep easily, but I’ve always been one to wake-up throughout the night.  Sometimes I’m able to fall back to sleep; sometimes I’m not.  And then, regardless of how much I’ve been awake during the night, I wake-up early in the morning.  Last night, after going to bed at midnight, I woke up some time later.  It was still dark outside, but, since I wake-up early, that didn’t give me any clues.  I thought surely it must be morning.  But, no, it was only 3:00 (an hour I see on my clock almost every night).  I was disappointed, but I made an effort to snuggle back under the covers and fall asleep.  I woke up again thinking surely now it must be morning.  But, no, it was only 3:58.  I realized then I just don’t like to waste time sleeping.  Each time I wake-up during the night, I hope it is morning.  I eagerly anticipate the morning hours.  I like having time to putter, to write, to read – all in the quiet of a sleeping house.   I also like having time to exercise in the early morning hours when it isn’t so easy to make excuses.

I know my body needs rest, but ME, that inner part of me, has to so many things it wants to do and sleep just keeps me from them.  Somehow that realization comforts me.  I like the idea that I have purpose, that I’m excited for each new day.  I do, however, wish I wasn’t so tired during the day; then I’d have more energy to do some of those things.  Hmm, maybe sleep isn’t overrated.

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Ann said...

I really appreciate this outlook--from one insomniac to another! Weirdly, 3am is the most common time I awake!