Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Thank you for the
photo, Michelle Adams
This past Sunday our oldest daughter was married.  Leading up to the wedding people kept asking me if I was nervous, excited, scared, etc.  No, what I really felt was just the need to make sure the events would come off smoothly, everyone would have a good time and our daughter would feel the day was a realization of her wedding day dreams.  It was only during the ceremony that I stopped to really look at her and her young man.  It started as we walked up the aisle, my husband, our daughter and I.  I looked ahead to see the groom’s face awash in love and adoration and, quite obviously, bordering on tears.

My husband says our daughter’s new husband is smitten – that’s such a funny word.  Most definitions reference a negative force, but there is the one:  very much in love.  After 36 years, I believe my husband and I are still smitten with each other and, if this young man is smitten with our daughter, well, that’s just fine with us.

As I looked from the groom to our daughter, I was struck by the change in her.  First, she looked so Asian!  The kids often use that same phrase when referring to themselves in photos and I always think it’s funny.  Of course they look Asian; they are Asian.  But thinking this myself on Sunday was because the woman who did our daughter’s make-up enhanced her Asian features.  She is naturally beautiful, but Sunday she looked almost exotic.  Second, as I watched her stand beside the man she has chosen, as she spoke her vows and responded to the officiant’s questions, I realized just how grown-up she has become.  She’s a funny, goofy girl and, even though we know she’s no longer a child, it’s easy to think of her in those terms.  Sunday, it was quite clear that she stood at the alter, not just a funny, goofy girl, but also a woman.  The way she looked, the way she spoke, the way she walked, the way she stood erect and beautiful all said, “Woman,” – an intelligent, graceful, loving woman.
Thank you for the photo, Jim Simpkins

Oh yes, and she seems “smitten”, too.

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I love teh word smitten. =)

Congratulatiosn to all of you. =)