Sunday, June 23, 2013

Warrior Workout

Yesterday morning’s run on the beach was more than a run.  I’m dubbing it a warrior workout.  Our five-mile run included a set of stairs (much easier to go down at any time, but especially when the going up is at the end of the run), streams that had to be leapt, gazelle-like (yes, it was one of those runs where I felt like a gazelle – at least until I got back to those stairs), and one stream that was too big to leap.  When I realized the stream could not be forded without getting my feet wet, I first told my daughter-in-law I was going to turn around there and run back and forth to get my mileage in.  But I looked upstream and saw there were boulders and logs across the stream that I might be able to use to cross.

As a little girl growing up on the coast, I was used to jumping from rock to rock.  Dad and I loved to go out to the jetty where he allowed me to go its length by jumping rock-to-rock.  Mom always tried to curtail that activity – too dangerous, but when she wasn’t around, off we would go.  As I surveyed the rocks and logs yesterday, I was reminded of my young confident body that made the jumps easily, regained its balance quickly.  Yesterday, I was hesitant with each move, unsure about my balance.  I didn’t bound across the rocks and logs like I used to forty-some years ago, but I did get across and the challenge of stairs to climb, streams to leap, and boulders to navigate made my warrior workout one that felt like more of an accomplishment than a simple run.  In memory, most runs fade into each other like the mileage that adds up with each step, but this warrior workout will stand out as the something special it was.  So special that, as I was running back, I even felt compelled to let out a warrior yell!

It didn’t hurt either that I was running with three of my favorite people under a rare coastal blue sky with the sun shining brightly.  Woo-hoo!

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