Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Big Goofy Grin

Yesterday was a first for me.  For the first time ever I walked into the Magic Kingdom (Disneyland’s east coast edition) all by myself.  No husband, no kids – just me. 

I love Disneyland (oops, the Magic Kingdom).  I love it with kids, I love it without kids and, yes, Sam I Am, I even love it all by myself.  Yesterday, just like every other Disney visit, I was smiling before I’d even opened my purse for the security officer.  I smiled at the ticket gate and, by the time I got to the tunnel (where I stopped to read the plaque:  “Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy”), my face was plastered with an absolutely goofy grin.  As I walked around the park I’m sure people wondered about me – twirling through the tunnel, bopping along to the music in the background, all by myself with my big goofy grin.

I watched parents and grandparents alternately laugh with and struggle with children and strollers (some strollers are big enough to hold a week’s worth of supplies).  I watched little ones dance uninhibitedly to the music of the Main Street Philharmonic.  I swayed along to the music at a dance lesson in Tomorrowland and smiled as parents became more involved than the kids with getting the moves right.  I watched as families exited rides with their own goofy grins, everyone talking at once, trying to tell each other about their experience on the ride.

I rode one ride yesterday, the Peoplemover (which is no longer available in Disneyland).  Some might not even consider it a ride, but it’s been one of my favorites since I was a little girl.  Other than that one ride, I just walked, listened and watched and I truly believe that I had just as much fun, maybe more, than the folks who were hustling from one ride to another.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the Disney rides (well, not the roller coaster types, but most of the others), but I also love just being in Disneyland.  I don’t need Mickey ears or a Donald hat to feel like I belong there – just let me wear my big Goofy grin.

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