Saturday, November 10, 2012

Embrace the Crazy!

Recently, my future son-in-law was busily trying to organize the proposal event with which he hoped to surprise our daughter.  It’s tough to organize an event with just one other person, but when you add in two families, it becomes crazy.  However, he was doing a pretty good job getting all of the details in place.  Then, the day before the surprise proposal, our daughter decided to change her plans for the next day throwing the proposal plans into a temporary tailspin.  As I texted with the future son-in-law about possible ways to salvage the plans, I added a P.S. onto one of my texts:  Embrace the crazy!

This was a cute, put-things-into-perspective plea, but the reality is, learning to embrace the crazy makes life so much easier because there’s so much that’s going to happen that can’t be planned, can’t be changed and, yet, still makes us feel crazy.  I know this feeling well with a family that includes one husband, seven kids, one daughter-in-law, one pending son-in-law, several dogs (including “grand” dogs), sports schedules, work schedules, class schedules – you get the idea.  Even going out to dinner with our kids is always a big deal, “Do you have a table for twelve?”

So, today, as we head off to the northern most city in our state (we live in the southern most city) for our middle daughter’s State soccer tournament, (my third trip north in four days) and after a date night with my husband last night which included a last minute dinner with our oldest son and our daughter-in-law, and knowing that we’ll be rushing back home to watch the Ducks’ game on TV tonight (DVR delayed because we won’t be home in time for kickoff), and even though I’ve been fighting a cold for the last three days, I’ll just sit back, smile and embrace this crazy wonderful life we lead.

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