Sunday, May 13, 2012

Super Moms

My husband sent me this cartoon recently.  I was flattered and entertained.  I often feel like Super Woman as I juggle schedules, errands, work and dreams, but I don’t often believe that our children actually look at me and think, “Wow!  She does an amazing job!”  I don’t mean for that to be whiney.  I look back at my childhood and I’m sure my mom wore a similar cape.  She ran a babysitting business in our home where the children were loved and happy.  She took care of her mother 24/7 for the last five years of my grandma’s life.  She belonged to several groups/clubs/lodges.  She volunteered relentlessly – I don’t think she ever mastered how to say, “No.  I can’t take that on right now.”  She was a Super Woman, but I never saw her that way.  In fact, though I loved her immensely and knew I had a good thing going on with her as my mom, as a child/teen/young adult, I probably more often saw her faults than all of the great things she did.

I read an article yesterday titled, “Five Things You Don’t Know About Your Mom”.  The fifth thing is:  She loves you in a way you will never love her.  I think that included in that statement is the reality that she does more for you and your family than you will ever truly realize or appreciate.  Again, I don’t mean for that to be a whiney statement – it’s just the reality of perspective.  So, I’ll just grab my cape (that’s a Super Woman cape, not a witch’s cape – though some days my kids might say that the witch’s cape is more appropriate) and set out to enjoy this day when kids do make the effort to appreciate their moms.  And to all my fellow Super Moms out there (including my own) – Happy Mother’s Day!

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