Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Twang in My Heart

I’m up early this morning to see my middle daughter off on a four-day college tour that she has arranged with her oldest brother.  Her dad and I weren’t included in her plans, though, as an afterthought, she sweetly offered, “You can come along, too, if you want.”  I think it’s great that she wants to make this trip with her brother.  They’ve always been close and it seems appropriate that he should accompany her on this adventure.

Like her older sister, this daughter has always been responsible.  She earns good grades.  She works hard to combine school and sports.  She is generously giving and loving.  This morning, seeing her packed and ready to head out on this first step of many that will occur over the next eighteen months, culminating in her actually leaving for college, I felt a huge twang in my heart.  How has time possibly gone by so fast that my little imp of a girl is now a young woman?  When I say, “I’m 53,” I don’t feel old.  I’ve even come to grips with having a child who is 30, but somehow seeing this daughter growing up makes me feel that time is passing much too fast.  I run through the slide show in my mind of her Coming Home Day when she looked into my eyes and, later, told me that that was when she knew I was her mommy, her exuberant two-year-old smile when she was given her own miniature paddle for the canoe ride at Disneyland, the change in her face and manner – from a sweet little girl to a fierce competitor – as she walked onto the soccer field and, later, the basketball court.  How is it possible that she’s already going to look at colleges?  Yes, there’s a huge twang in my heart and more than one tear in my eyes.

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