Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hot-Flash Seats

When my husband chose a Lincoln MKS as his new car this past summer, he endured more than a little teasing about the switch from a BMW 7-Series to a Lincoln.  Dubbed an “old man’s car” by more than one person, one friend laughed and said, “Geez, my dad drives a Lincoln!”  Well, the truth is, the Lincoln is really a nice car and has many great features (I’d take one myself – in red, not black) and it really isn’t an “old man’s car” though I’ve come to believe that it is, perhaps, an “over-50 woman’s car”.  As a woman over 50, I find that my body does not regulate heat as efficiently as it used to.  I don’t like to call this lack of regulation a hot-flash, though I’m sure that’s actually an appropriate moniker.  I find that this lack of heat regulation, aka hot-flash, often comes about when I’m running around trying to get ready to leave the house.  I often find myself over-heated and sweaty by the time I get out the door.  However, I have discovered a lovely feature of my husband’s “over-50 woman’s car”:  the seat-cooling system!  The opposite of a heated seat, this feature actually cools the seat and the body of the person sitting there.  My husband recently broke his shoulder, so I’ve been doing most of the driving, and I’ve come to love the relief when I can slide myself behind the wheel, push the little blue seat-cooling button and slough off the stress and resultant heat emanating from my body. 

Maybe I should send the marketing folks at Lincoln a letter to let them know they’re missing out by not advertising this valuable feature.  I can see it now: an ad featuring two cars, a Lincoln and something else that doesn’t have a seat-cooling system, both driving down some beautiful road.  Both cars look good, handle well, but then they come to a stop in front of some luxurious-looking building and an over-50-year-old woman steps out of each car.  Both women are dressed to the nines, but the woman who steps out of the Lincoln looks refreshed and lovely while the woman who steps out of the other car has wet sweat marks on her clothes and her damp hair is drooping across her face.  Wouldn’t that be a strong marketing campaign in this Baby Boomer era?


Kim Anderson Hanson said...

I love my seat cooling system! It's funny, when I have someone new in my car and never experienced the cooling system, I turn it on for them and I tell them it will first feel like they wet their pants, but will then be enjoyable, especially if they are in the sun. My backseat also has the heating system so those in the back can be very comfy in the cold months. The Lincoln, yes, it can be considered an old man's car, but I do like the new ones now. Skip has a Buick and THAT is definitely an old man's car, but we enjoy the Enclave for family outings, though the seats do not have a cooling system, just a heating system. I call it out 'cheapo' car.

Debbie Scroggy said...

Joel's Ford has the seat cooling option. I try to turn it on for him when he's not looking - he turns on my "heat". Funny how he prefers heat these days, and I prefer cool!