Friday, September 16, 2011

Oh the Games People Play

Recently someone made the comment that I’d given up on writing my blog. I was shocked! I know I haven’t written much of anything in the last few months, but I certainly never looked at it as having given up on writing. I’ve made the excuse that I’m giving myself some down time after having handed off most of my volunteer responsibilities. I’ve said that I feel a little brain dead and need time to recoup. But, when I assess my actions honestly, I have to admit to myself that I’m actually participating in a little procrastination. I’m playing a little game with myself. Sure, this was a busy summer and, now with school back in session, there are new schedules to become familiar with. Excuses, excuses and more excuses. The reality is, I have now freed myself to pursue other goals and objectives – specifically, the goal of pursuing writing in a more professional manner, i.e. getting published, and that’s more than a little bit scary. So, if I don’t write, I don’t have to worry about that – I can just be “busy” with other activities and ignore my dreams. But, here I am, pushing into my mid-50s and I don’t want to ignore my dreams. GI Joe says, “Knowing is half the battle,” and, yes, now I know that I’m procrastinating, and now I need to conquer the other half of the battle – doing. No more games. No more procrastinating. It’s time to organize myself around my new reality and DO!

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Kim Anderson Hanson said...

You are not procrastinating, it does take time to get used to a new schedule, less volunteering, school starting, kids visiting, etc. Once you get in the groove, things will begin to move like they should. You will do it, don't be hard on yourself, let yourself enjoy the silence!