Monday, September 19, 2011

Just an "Off" Day?

Last Thursday, as I glanced at the calendar, I realized that I had double-booked myself for that morning. Then, to my astonishment, I realized that I had also double-booked myself for that evening! As I ran into my physical therapy appointment a half-hour later (after quickly dropping the dog off at the vet’s), I rambled out my apologies for being a few minutes late and explained how I had double-booked myself. The receptionist, a sweet young thing still shy of the quarter-century mark, said, “Oh, Debbie, you’re just having an off day.” That evening at a social engagement (which I managed to breeze into after picking the dog up from the vet’s), I lamented about “off” days to a woman who I took to be a few years older than me. She looked at me with a look something close to pity and said, “Unfortunately, it’s probably not just an ‘off’ day; it’s probably what your norm will be like. That’s what happens as we age. It’s all hormonal.” As I thought back on the last few months, heck, the last few years, I realized that she’s probably right. My super-organized brain just isn’t functioning the way it used to and I frequently find myself messing up schedules and feeling fuddled by the numerous activities of our family. I used to be the Queen of organization and juggling schedules; now sometimes I feel more like the Court Jester. Perhaps that’s the answer: laugh at myself as if I am the Court Jester and at least the rest of my body will benefit from the laughter, even if my brain is still working in hormone-mode.

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