Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'm Walkin', Yes Indeed

I used to be a runner. Actually, first I was a walker, then I was a runner. Now, post-foot surgery, I’m back to being a walker and the Fats Domino song runs through my head as I walk. I miss the movement of running; the action, itself, feels physically freeing. However, I am finding that the action of walking feels mentally freeing.

I’ve walked and/or ran on a treadmill for years in the predawn hour when my husband and I exercise in our basement, but for the last couple of months – ever since I decided that I needed to head in a new direction (see Something’s Gotta Give), I’ve wanted to walk outdoors. No, it’s more than “wanted”; I’ve needed to walk outdoors. I need the fresh air, I need the movement that actually goes somewhere and I need the time for my mind to roll around ideas as my feet roll with each step.

I had planned to go on a long walk this morning, but I woke up feeling unrested and achy, so I’d bagged the idea of a long walk. Now, having written this and imagined my walk as I’ve written, I’m ready to head out the door. I’m walkin’, yes indeed!

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