Tuesday, May 31, 2011

53 and it's NEW Me

I’ve always liked the idea of reviewing my life – what’s wrong, what’s right and planning for what I want to have happen. Even if most of plans don’t actually come to fruition, at least by the act of planning, there are some goals that do become realized. I’ve been thinking about today’s birthday for several weeks, thinking about where I am and where I want to be. During the process, I read in a magazine about a woman who, when she hit 54, looked in the mirror and was amazed at how frumpy she’d become. She kicked her exercise program up a notch, refined her eating habits and now, at 60, looks and feels fabulous. What a timely, inspirational article for me to pick up and, hey, I’m only 53 today – I’m a year ahead of her!

With that inspiration in mind, I thought about this upcoming year and what I want to work on in order to be the best 53 year-old I can be. There are four areas that came immediately to mind: eating (as in less quantity and more healthy), exercise (continued cardio, more strength and flexibility), writing and time for me to do those things that I’ve only been dreaming about. I like a catchy phrase to remind me of my goals, so I played around with the words and came up with NEW Me: Nutrition, Exercise, Writing and Me.

So, what is the NEW Me going to be doing this year? In the area of Nutrition, I’ll be asking myself three H questions whenever I’m confronted with food or the idea of it: Am I hungry? Is the food healthy? Have I had enough? Hungry? Healthy? Had enough?

The NEW Me will also be working on becoming pain free. For the last year and a half, I have had pain somewhere in my body. With continued cardio exercise, more strength training, increased flexibility practice and physical therapy I hope to get my body back to feeling good, not just putting up with pain as a symptom of aging.

The New Me will begin to formulate my thoughts and writing into something publishable. I love the mental process of preparing what I will write as well as the act of actually writing, but the idea of marketing my writing in any form scares the words right out of me. This will definitely be an activity that is out of my comfort zone, but that’s okay; I’m not ready to stop growing.

Finally, or perhaps as a first step, NEW Me will make time for me. I have a laundry list of activities I’d like to pursue, chores I’d like to get accomplished, and goals I’d like to reach. In some ways, the ME portion of this acronym is contained within each of the other pieces, but there’s also more to ME than just what’s NEW.

So, with seven years to go until sixty, but with a one-year head start, NEW Me is already ahead of schedule; NEW Me is excited and NEW Me is going to do just fine.

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Janine @ Alternative Housewife said...

Love it! I am going to try to do these things as well - 'Recovering' from pregnancy and birth is kind of like aging, right?