Saturday, February 5, 2011

A New Year by Any Other Name

2010 was not the best year for me (and for several other folks I know), so I eagerly looked forward to the arrival of 2011. I knew that 2011 would be better. I knew that I would feel renewed. I knew that life would take an upward turn. Then, during the first week of the year, we got some disturbing news and a dear friend’s dad died. The following week my Ducks lost the National Championship game and I had to put down my dear dog, Czar. 2011 was not shaping up to be what I had expected. I haven’t exactly been wallowing in the lack of turnaround evidence, but I have felt just a little twinge of sadness that 2011 didn’t come in with the big bang of goodwill I had expected.

Then, this past Thursday, I had a revelation about some of the “stuff” that’s been going on. I felt a sense of gratitude for residual effects of some of that “stuff”. My heart and mind took a new direction. I then realized that it was Chinese New Year! January 1st wasn’t the New Year I had been waiting for – I should have been waiting for February 3rd! I know that the reality is that any day can be the first day of a New Year when that year is defined by our attitudes, thoughts and actions, but it’s nice to be able to give the New Year a name. Heck, if my insights had occurred on a nondescript day instead of on Chinese New Year, I could be entering the It Rained Outside and I Wore Red New Year.

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