Monday, February 7, 2011

Buy the Red Car

Saturday evening my youngest daughter and I went out to dinner at her choice of restaurant – Panda Express. As we sat down at the table, I picked up the two fortune cookies off the tray and placed one in front of her. Then, I retracted it and put both in the middle of the table. I’d had a strong feeling toward one of the fortune cookies, so I wanted her to be able to choose the one she would like. She chose the one that wasn’t calling to me. When we finished eating, my daughter opened her fortune cookie. I don’t remember what it said, but it was a typical fortune cookie fortune: You’re grandest dreams will come true – or something like that. I then opened my fortune cookie and read out loud, “Buy the red car.” My daughter looked at me with a questioning expression and said, “Buy the red car? What does that mean?” I was stunned! Not only was this not a typical fortune cookie fortune, but also ‘buy the red car’ actually has meaning for me. My favorite color is red and I had always wanted a red car – until two years ago when I bought one, without much forethought, on my own (well, I actually had quite a bit of encouragement from my friend Jill, but I did the buying without my husband doing the negotiating for me) and I did it just because I wanted to; because I wanted a red car!

So, what stunned me about the fortune is that the term, ‘buy the red car’ means so much more than just ‘go out and purchase a new red vehicle’. Right now, when I’m struggling to figure out what happens next in my life, where my story goes, ‘buy the red car’ says to me that I need to follow my heart’s desire; I need to jump in and let the water splash around me. The problem is, I haven’t yet figured out what my heart desires or how I’ll find the time to follow it once I do figure it out. In the meantime, maybe I’ll give myself some time to think by taking a drive in my red car.

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Kim H. said...

Wow! I've never had that type of fortune either! A true sign to really follow your heart's desire. Have fun with whatever it is and just go with it!