Tuesday, June 15, 2010

...and the Foot Bone's Connected to the...Brain Bone?

I had surgery on my foot, so I understand why my foot hurts and why other muscles hurt from using crutches, walking (hobbling) differently, etc., but what I don’t understand is why surgery on my foot has affected the way my brain works! It’s true, I’m getting older and brain function does decrease a bit with age. It’s also true that the stressors of this past year have caused some issues with how my brain works. But for the last six weeks, ever since my surgery, I’ve been almost dingy – I’ve messed up on our family’s scheduling (more than once), I’ve written a check for different amounts in the numerical and written-out sections, I’ve missed deadlines, I’ve forgotten special events, I’ve thought I’d conveyed information that I hadn’t. I’m normally a very organized person and these brain lapses really bother me. I’m used to being on top of all that’s happening; I’m used to being right. Now, I’m just not up to par. My foot is recovering, but will my brain recover as well?

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