Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I haven’t been able to write lately because my mind feels like it has been dammed. Normally I have topics rolling around in my brain, taking shape and developing into complete thoughts and sentences. Lately, however, I have felt that I’ve had too much on my plate and the stress has created a log jam that has dammed the river of my thoughts.

I really don’t like writing these kinds of entries because it just comes across as sounding whiney and I’d much rather sound upbeat and positive, but the fact is, life isn’t always upbeat and positive. I strongly believe that we can all determine how we react to life’s events and I usually choose to react in a positive manner. However, I’ve had many talks with myself lately about my negative reaction to the stressors in my life and I’m simply not listening. I’m not yet ready to put on a happy face and move forward. So, I hope that by writing this out, I’ll at least loosen the dam and allow my thoughts to flow to friendlier, warmer waters – perhaps my attitude will follow close behind.

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Kim H. said...

At first glance, I thought you were swearing! Which lately, I've been wanting to do because of the stress for Skip. And don't put so much pressure on yourself for staying positive in your blog, that's what a blog is all about, expressing your feelings, good and bad! We are human and we can complain every once in awhile too! Hoping with spring, comes better days for you and less stress! Hang in there!