Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Perfect Gift, Part 2

As my husband and I were talking about my last post, The Perfect Gift, he pointed out that I had missed one of the “gifts” we give each other – the gift of shared dreams. As I’d mentioned, I had heard early on in our married life of older couples who didn’t give each other gifts and I had been determined not to let our relationship get so boring that we wouldn’t give each other gifts. I said that I now realize that the gifts we give each other of commitment to our relationship, friendship and accumulated memories were much more important that any physical item we could give. With my husband’s addition of share dreams to this list, I realized that it is those dreams that keep our relationship from becoming boring. So, on Valentine’s Day, to my lovely husband I give the gifts of commitment, friendship, memories and dreams.

P.S. And to my friend with three small children, I wish for you the gift of relaxing sleep.

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Sandra said...

SLEEP? What is that??? My kids are giving me the "gift" of barf this week! And they love me so much, that they aim their love directly all over Mommy! :)

Love the parents feet email! My Mom has the same thing, I better start getting pedicures! Ha Ha!