Monday, January 11, 2010

Holding On To The Upward Spiral

I love the look of our home once we have all our Christmas decorations up – the house feels so rich and festive! I revel in the beauty and light throughout the holiday season; however, once the season is over, I’m so happy to have the house back to normal. This weekend we put away the last of the holiday decorations and our home feels new, clean and refreshed again. January is a time for making resolutions and starting over; it feels as if my home experiences the same renewal. When the house is clean and organized, I feel more organized and in control myself. I’ve been lighting candles and turning on lamps throughout the house during the darker hours of the day; I’ve been cooking dinners for my family; and I’ve felt peaceful even amidst our hectic schedules. Nothing external in my life has changed during the last few weeks – same work, same schedules, same stressors, but I have made an internal shift that has created a feeling of peace within me. I feel better internally, which creates a more organized living environment, which makes me feel even better, which makes me want to continue with the plan that is keeping the house nice and my mind organized – it’s a nice upward spiral – now the trick is just to figure out how to hold on!

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Kim H. said...

Hold on tight with crazy glue! Or even rubber cement, that glue is always fun to play with and with that, it is not permanent like the crazy glue. But I love these two glues, the names actually. Crazy and rubber...explains life's moments. You do well handling your family's schedules, give yourself the room to breathe and not be so hard on yourself. I used to want everything 'just so' but lately, I've been able to just 'let it be'. The feeling of peace within is wonderful, enjoy it!