Monday, January 18, 2010

A Cat Under the House

A friend told me a story with a tag line that has quickly become a “saying” in our home. This friend let her cat out for the day recently, but the cat did not come home in the evening. She called for the cat; her husband called for the cat; the kids called for the cat. They finally gave up and everyone in the house went to bed except for my friend who sat up in her office. Late in the night my friend heard the cat meowing and went outside to investigate. She found the cat (a large, roly-poly cat) stuck in a vent opening while trying to get out from under the house’s crawlspace. Afraid of hurting the kitty, my friend went to get her husband who was sound asleep. “Honey, the cat is stuck in the vent opening of the crawl space. Will you come get it out?” Her husband sleepily asked if she seriously expected him to get out of bed to rescue a fat cat that got itself stuck under the house. She, of course, responded that she did expect him to do that – he bundled up and headed for the large crawl space opening on the opposite end of the house, flashlight in hand. The light and sounds underneath the house spooked the cat enough to encourage him to get himself unstuck and out of the vent opening without harm.

Some of the women listening to this story were amazed that the husband had actually gotten up to rescue the cat. I wasn’t amazed; I know my husband would do the same thing. He might look at me funny, but he’d get up and do it. Little chores like this are, in my opinion, one of the things that separate a good husband from a great husband. Again, this is my opinion, but I believe that when a man does a chore, even one he thinks is silly, because his family asks it of him, he is showing his adoration for his family.

Friday night coming back late from an “away” girls’ basketball game, two of the players found their cars had been “pranked” – one had the battery removed, one had been put up on blocks. There was one dad in the group at the parking lot (the dad of one of the girls with a “pranked” car) and, even though it was late and the rain was pouring down, he got out, jacked up the one car to remove the blocks and put the battery back into the other. As I watched him (I had my car turned so that my headlights were illuminating the work areas), I thought, “This is a cat under the house.”

I’ve often thought that a man is sexiest when he is doing something for his family. Show me a dad comforting a crying child, changing a diaper, coaching a sports team –that, to me, is a sexy man! Now, in addition to those family-oriented visions, we’ve also added the vision of the man who does what’s needed when there’s a cat under the house. A man who may roll his eyes at his wife’s request, but who gets up and does what’s needed regardless of what type of situation it is that can be called “a cat under the house”.

P.S. Lest you think that this is a one-way path, stay tuned for the next blog that will flip the “doing” in the other direction.


Anonymous said...

He likes the cat as much as I do,... so he really wasn't that put out. (-:

It does make for a great saying/attitude! I have to remember next time,... hee hee

Kim H. said...

We are very lucky to have found husbands that will get the cat from under the house, even when they are not 'programmed' to do some of them!

helen said...

Debbie, I think we ought to add this blog to the baby care notebook. In the long run it isn't about the actual physical care that we give to our families, its the care we show in the tough times when the cat is under the house. Great reminder of what is important. Thanks