Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Beautiful Year?

I’m sitting in a hotel room watching the sun rise over L.A. (we’re here to watch the University of Oregon Ducks play in the Rose Bowl today) and I wonder if this beautiful sunrise can be an omen of a beautiful year.

Frankly, I’m feeling a little whiney about last year. I know it was a tough year for a lot of people, my family included. I feel whiney because I usually believe that we make our own happiness and I have trouble feeling happiness about the last year (even though there were many happy events and occasions) – the overriding feeling in my heart is one of burden and feeling beat down. So, I’m sitting here watching this beautiful sunrise and giving myself a pep talk about sloughing off the weight of last year and moving into this new year with an open heart – reinstilling my belief that we do make our own happiness. Things happened last year that were out of my control but, like a snake, I can shed that skin of doom and let a bright new outlook shine and New Year’s Day is a great time to start anew. 2010, I’m ready for you!

Post-script: I wrote this yesterday, but was unable to get it posted to the internet (don't even get me started on hotel internet connections and costs). Also, we now know that the Ducks did NOT perform well in the Rose Bowl, but I want to state that, even so, I love my Ducks! As I look forward to 2010, I'll also be looking forward to the 2010 Oregon Football Season!


Kim H. said...

Debbie~You are a great person, I've always told you that. You need to allow yourself to see yourself as others do. I know you put a lot of pressure on yourself. You are a great wife, mother, friend and role model for everyone. Yes, somethings are out of our control and so we do need to learn to slough those moments off. The things we can control, take a hold of them and do it your way. Wishing you a beautiful 2010!

And darn Ducks, but like you, we will continue to cheer them on!

helen said...

Debbie--I pictured you at the game rooting for the Ducks. It was wonderful that they were there at a major bowl game. Happy New Year to you and all your family. 2010 feels like a new beginning. I always picture you as having it all together. Reading your blog helps me realize that life ebbs and flows for everyone.