Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fake It 'Til You Feel It!

I’m not the originator of that phrase, but it certainly has been my mantra for the last two weeks. This fall has been amongst the most stressful times in my life; two weeks ago I found myself ground down to the point where I wasn’t feeling joy – and that’s not like me! I had begun my holiday preparations (I like to be organized so that I can enjoy the holiday season), but I was just moving through the process; I wasn’t feeling the spirit of the season. That’s when I decided to just fake it ‘til I felt it. I grabbed my red and green reusable shopping bags and I headed to the mall with a fake smile on my face. At home, I squeezed out some fake creative juices and began working on our Christmas cards. I planned and cooked dinners (real food, not fake) so that our family could sit down together in the evening and I faked it ‘til I felt it!

The stress isn’t gone and I have had moments, hours, half-days of slumping back into the hole without joy, but then I repeat my mantra (usually in my head so that people don’t look at me funny, but if I am with my husband I say it aloud because he is working on faking it, too) and I must say that faking joy feels better than no joy and the more I fake it, the more I feel it.


Kim H. said...

We know exactly how you and Brian are feeling! That is why we have to look for the littlest things to brighten our days. The extra week we gained in December really did make a difference in stress levels even tho we all know how important the trip means to all of us. It's timing and things do happen for a reason. I will miss seeing you before Christmas, but know we think of you and wish you all the happiness in the world because you are always so busy making sure everyone else around you is happy! You are a part of our family and just know how much we appreciate all that you do for everyone. Now go and enjoy your weekend and have a wonderful and Blessed Happy Thanksgiving!

Andrea said...

I think a lot of people are in this state right now, Debbie. I know I am finding it a more stressful and joyless season this year than in years past, my favorite cousin is falling apart, and I fear needs professional help, a good friend was in tears on the phone a few days ago...I don't know if I have faking it in me, but I am cherishing every moment of joy in each day, and appreciating every laugh. Maybe now that these things are in shorter supply, it is easier to see how important they are to our well being.