Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Costco High

Ah, a trip to Costco – great deals, more things you don’t really need than you could ever imagine, bulk-shopping at its best! But Costco prices and products are not the source of my Costco “high”. I walk away from Costco feeling high because of Teddy. Teddy works the door at Costco – sometimes he’s the greeter; more often he’s the person at the exit who checks my receipt. Whichever door he is at, his presence assures me of a Costco High. Teddy is the epitome of customer service. He has a warm smile that never leaves his face; he says the nicest things, “Bless you,” “Have a wonderful day,” “You look beautiful today,” and everything he says is obviously so genuine, so sincere. One day, as I pushed my cart toward the exit, Teddy looked toward me and exclaimed, “It’s so nice to see your beautiful smile!” Did he not know that I was smiling in anticipation of being greeted by him?

Teddy’s job is not professional or technical, but he performs it with such grace and enthusiasm that he would have to be rated as a highly-skilled employee. Teddy goes through his day at Costco not only doing his job well, but also making a difference in the lives of those of us lucky enough to shop at his store. He could simply take the receipt, scan it and the shopping cart, make his little mark on the receipt, but he does so much more. In just seconds his words and smile light up the day of Costco shoppers. I don’t know Teddy’s last name and yet I find myself smiling in his presence – that makes me realize anew that I should do the same for those friends and family members whose last names I do know. If one stranger can make hundreds of people smile, think what we can all do for those we love and care for who aren’t even strangers to us!


Blasé said...

"Debbie Does 50"..I like that!

My wife recently 'did' 58!!!

Helen said...

Debbie I have not read your blog for a few days and so read the Wedding Day and Team Tony both at the same time. Happy Wedding day is just the beginning of a strong marriage and family. Tony's parents are certainly examples of a strong marriage and a strong family. Your description of Jarrod and his wife sounds as if they have the stuff to endure the good times and the bad. One baton passed 5 to go. I feel joyful after reading your blog. Congradulations and please keep writing

Donna F. said...

I absolutely love it when he sings!

Christi C said...

I too love Teddy and am very disappointed when he is not at the door. His singing Christmas carols always gets me more in the Christmas spirit. I hope he is there today on my Costco run.

PS this blog site doesn't know that 'cougga' is the wrong word verification to leave you a message