Tuesday, July 28, 2009

No Running Regrets

My oldest son and his fiancé are both runners. I love running with either or both of them. It’s a great time to share a healthy activity while also talking and enjoying each other’s company. I’ve always thought it would be great to also be able to run with my daughters. My oldest daughter is old enough to run with me and, while we’ve done a few three mile races together, she usually runs ahead rather than staying behind at my slower pace. Now, my middle daughter is old enough to run; as we drove to our vacation spot last week, she asked me if she could run with me – what a treat! We ran four days last week – twice for 3+ miles, once for 2+ miles and finally 5.7 miles. As we were running the morning of the longest run I told her that it had taken a lot to get me off the couch that day – a quiet morning with a book and my coffee…hard to pass up. However, I reminded myself of a quote I like that goes something like this: You will rarely regret going out for a run, but you will often regret skipping one. With that quote in mind, I got up off the couch, woke up my daughter and prepared for my run. As we were running, I told my daughter about having to repeat the quote to get myself off the couch; she started to laugh and admitted that she, too, had had to use that quote to get herself up out of bed when I woke her.

If I hadn’t gone for the run that morning, skipping the run itself would have been the least of what I’d have regretted missing.

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