Thursday, June 25, 2009

Parenting: Sometimes It Even Makes You Proud

For the second time in just over a year we are in a foreign country with all but the oldest of our children. Last year it was Europe, this year it is South Korea and for at least the second time in over a year I am immensely proud of our children. Let me assure you, they are not perfect; however, they do understand the importance of appropriate behavior, respect and open-mindedness. I have been amazed watching them engage in the culture of this country; watching them alter their behavior to fit the situation; watching them show interest in and respect for the customs and history of this proud land; watching them dive in with relish at new foods brought to the table, knowing that it is perfectly okay to say, “I don’t care for this,” once they have given the food a fair taste (though it rarely happens that they don’t like something once they’ve tasted it). Last night my husband and I sat back at dinner watching our kids as they talked with others in the group and with Korean photographers and tour guides; as they sat appropriately and enjoyed a 21 course meal; as they clapped at the end of formal welcomes, compliments and good-byes. Both of us were pleased with our kids – with who they are, with their interest, their exuberance, their willingness to listen and learn. Yes, sometimes (quite often, really), parenting can even make you proud.

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helen said...

Debbie Last night I watch the movie Grand Toreno wiht Clint Eastwood. It included typical american teenage grandchildren who were disconnected from their ethnic roots and texting and wearing belly rings to their grandmothers funeral. These privileged young people were actually quite lost. I just read your blog and realized that your kids are not the typical american kids who would be uncomfortable with all that they would taste, smell and see Korea. They are world citizens and bridge people. You should be proud of them.