Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Celebrate Today!

Disneyland is currently promoting the theme: Celebrate Today! As soon as we walked into Disneyland in March, the theme caught my eye and my thoughts. There are two ways of looking at this theme: it could mean Celebrate Today, i.e. celebrate this day, just because it is today; or, it could mean Celebrate Today, i.e. today you should celebrate something.

Recently we were blessed with a visit from Brian’s aunt who lives in Australia. She had three weeks to travel across the country to visit friends and family she has not seen in years. She told me that, before she left, she charged herself with the responsibility to be totally present to whoever was in front of her. I believe that throughout her visit, she Celebrated Today – she was cognizant of each and every day, aware of each and every person with whom she came in contact.

I’m sometimes accused of being a goody-two-shoes or a Pollyanna; I have a bit of a positive outlook on life. In the context of the Disneyland theme, I think that’s because I always try to Celebrate Today. It doesn’t always work and I do have my “down” days, but I try to be upbeat, to find the good in the day.

Whichever way you want to look at it – Celebrate Today!

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Kim H. said...

Debbie, you have a wonderful outlook on life and are very inspiring to us all, keep it up and Celebrate Today anyway you want! And yes, we all have our down days, but that only means we can go up from there! We will see you soon!!