Monday, February 2, 2009


I’ve been inspired this past month by a couple of friends who are making efforts to redefine themselves. One has adopted serious lifestyle changes in the areas of food and exercise, the other is trying to figure out the dynamics of having and keeping friends. Me, I’m working on practicing being patient as I care for my mother-in-law and deal with her dementia.

Certainly there are some traits we are born with and many that we learn from our environment as we grow up, but I think it’s exciting to realize that we are all capable of making changes in ourselves as we age or continue to “grow-up”. That ability to change, to redefine or refine ourselves is what keeps our lives exciting and is what helps us continue to grow as human beings.

My friend who has made the healthy lifestyle changes thinks it’s funny that I find her inspiring since she’s gone a number of years not worrying about her health. I think she’s inspiring for just that reason – she is a reminder to us all that it is never too late to change. That we can all pick out parts of ourselves that we’re not happy with or wish were different and we can make the effort to change, to be better, to realize our true potential.

For those of you who thought you knew me, let me introduce you to the new me -- just call me Debbie, the Patient One.

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amy said...

That's a good place to be.