Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let Your Heart Rest

Normally, when I am ready to write, my head is spinning with ideas and, by the time I sit in front of the computer, my thoughts are pretty well organized and ready to be put on paper. Yesterday morning I woke up to an empty brain. I knew there should be so much to write about from the previous day’s trip to a children’s home. It was a wonderful day full of joy and happiness, but my brain couldn’t grasp the emotions and formulate them into thoughts. I set up my computer, logged on and then stared at the blank screen – nothing came. I mentioned this at breakfast and one of the other team members who is a holistic nurse, said this to me (I’m paraphrasing here and I hope I get it right): There are people who experience life with their heads and people who experience life with their hearts. (I’m definitely a heart person.) Sometimes when our hearts are full, it’s difficult for the head to get a grasp of the experience. Sometimes we just need to let our hearts rest and absorb.

Yesterday, Sunday, was a day of sightseeing and learning about Korean culture. As one team member said, “No tears today,” – nothing emotional, no children waiting for families, no simple gifts, no overwhelming love – just sightseeing. This trip is not a vacation; there is no relaxing time by the pool or luxurious hours to sleep in. We are up before dawn and back to the hotel well after dark. The schedule is hectic and the events are emotion-filled. I think my heart did need a rest. I think I’d hit an emotional wall and I wonder at how many other times in my life I’ve reached a similar point and haven’t figured out what I need to do. I love the analogy of the heart resting; sometimes we just need to take some time to regroup.

Yesterday I let my heart rest.

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