Monday, November 17, 2008

PMA Begins with Self-Care

After my post last week about being too tired, I received a couple of wonderful e-mail responses that helped me put my feelings into perspective. Those e-mails gave me the impetus to take positive steps toward helping myself. In an effort to get back my PMA (positive mental attitude), I took care of a couple of doctor’s appointments I’d been avoiding, I went to see my chiropractor about a pain in my neck (it would be fun to say that my children were the pain my neck, but the reality is, it was all my own doing – too much stress, not enough self-care) and I scheduled a follow-up chiropractic appointment that includes a pre-appointment massage. It’s amazing to me that those few steps put me back on the right path, the path to a positive attitude. I’ve slept better; I’ve breathed easier; I’ve been able to feel the stress slip from my body. I also changed my e-mail passwords to a positive affirmation; a little step, but it’s reinvigorating every time I log onto my e-mail.

I tell my children that they are responsible for their own moods and attitudes; sometimes I need a reminder that the same principle applies to me.

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