Friday, November 28, 2008

Pass It On

Pass it on. Pay it forward. Random acts of kindness. Unfortunately, these little sentences sound a bit trite, but on this day after Thanksgiving, they can be a wonderful way to take the gratitude focused on yesterday and send some of it out into the world. Last year, our middle son was working at a retail store which meant he had to work on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. While the rest of us spent the day together shopping, watching football and eating leftovers, our middle son had to get up early and head to his job at the mall. He was feeling somewhat blue about this and decided to treat himself to breakfast at the McDonald’s drive-thru (culinary appreciation is not yet part of his persona). When he arrived at the window to pay for his breakfast, he found out that the person in the car in front of his had already paid for him. Our son was ecstatic! He called to tell me about it and said later that it changed his entire perspective on the day. And, I am quite sure that the person in the car in front drove away with a smile.

I won’t divulge my own plan for passing on kindness this holiday season; after all, anonymity is part of the fun, but my little red Camry and I plan to be busy. Pass it on!


Ann said...

Can you please tell me when your little red Camry will be in the drive-through in front of me at McDonald's? Our bill can be quite tremendous anytime, anywhere, we eat out. And wow! Yes! I would leave with a BIG smile on my face to have someone pay it!

Thanks for a great reminder that the little things count! Hoping to see you soon!

David said...

Can you divulge the secret to me? I can Mr. Anonymous #2.