Friday, November 21, 2008

Favorite Things

A few nights ago we went to dinner at a restaurant that was playing music in the background. As we were leaving, the song My Favorite Things came on. We all hummed along to the tune. When we got into the car, I realized that my youngest son was quietly singing the song, but inserting his own “favorite things” into the lyrics. That started me thinking about my own favorite things. Not the big life changing things, but the everyday things that warm our hearts and bring a smile to our faces. As I’ve thought about my favorites over the last few days, I’ve realized that just the act of thinking about them has made me feel good. We all know that keeping a gratitude journal helps us to be aware of our blessings, but I think that reminding ourselves of life’s little joys is also a good way to find good in each and every day. Here are just a few of my favorite things:

• Clean sheets
• A view of Mt. Hood, especially when it peeks through on an otherwise cloudy day
• Catching a whiff of jasmine or some other floral fragrance while out on a run
• A real hug from one of my kids
• Turning on the radio to a good rock beat
• The feel of the air on a crisp fall morning
• My husband’s smile when he comes in the door or catches my eye across a room

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Kim H. said...

You are so on target with the little things! I used to have a party at Christmas time with the theme of my guests bringing their favorite dish to the party, could be anything. This was our Christmas Adam party, so much fun! Now life is so busy, wish I could fit in more of my favorite things party, but everyday, I DO get to enjoy all of my favorite things! I love your list! Have a great weekend!