Saturday, October 25, 2008

Red Hot Rockin' Mama? Yikes!

Yesterday I was pumped. Yesterday I felt successful. Yesterday I was dreaming of the wonderful performance my band and I would give on Sunday. Today? Today, I sucked! After a two-hour class on drum instruction, I had to go for a walk because I was so frustrated by my lack of ability. I couldn’t get my hands and feet to do what my mind wanted. This afternoon, my band mates and I had a great “quiet” practice where we worked on our song lyrics and the basic sound of the song. We then had a “loud” practice where we got to play. We worked and worked, but still I could not get back what I’d had yesterday. Then, we had a rehearsal where we had to get up in front of the other camp attendees and play our song. We were awful!! We stopped in the middle of the first verse and didn’t even finish our song. I would have liked to have walked out right then and there. We were, without a doubt, the worst band! But then we went back for another hour of “loud” practice and two things happened: first, one of the instructors took pity on us and came to our practice room and helped us out – a lot; then, second, I found the beat! I’d watched the drummer of the band that entertained us at lunch and I tried mimicking her movements and, suddenly, there it was – the beat! I had been ready to come home and post a blog saying that the venue had been changed to Seattle so that no one would show up, but once I got the beat, everything fell into place. We won’t be the best band tomorrow, but I’m sure we won’t be the worst. I’m amazed that, at fifty, I could tackle this, suffer frustration and humiliation, and still find my way to success. I’m pumped! I’m rockin’! And I can’t wait to get on the stage again tomorrow! This is really stepping out for me and it feels terrific!

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Karen Green said...

WE WERE AWFUL ON SATURDAY NIGHT, TOO! I felt =humiliated=. I was singing and couldn't hear the monitor, so I wasn't sure if my voice was doing the right things. I was also using visual cues to determine where we were in the song, so when I had my back turned to the band, I got lost and missed the bridge.

However... that debacle showed me where I was weak and told me what I needed to work on. And even though I felt like I completely sucked, one of my friends was still impressed with my singing voice.

It was amazing to feel everything come together the next morning. What a fabulous time.