Sunday, October 19, 2008

Darn Crows!

One evening last week I went out to dinner with a group of friends. Before leaving the house, I went upstairs to my room to brush my teeth and freshen up my make-up. I dabbed on a little under eye cover-up and brushed some powder over my face to hide any shine. As it sometimes does, my make-up brush left a few stray hairs on my face; I picked one off from my forehead and tried to brush one away from beside my right eye. I brushed at it a couple of times, but couldn’t get it to budge. Thinking that this little hair was just stuck to my face, I went to the magnifying mirror to pluck it away only to find that it wasn’t a stray brush hair at all, it was a line, a.k.a. a wrinkle, one toe of a crow’s foot. If only we could just brush the winkles away like a stray piece of hair. I looked in the mirror and laughed at myself. What else could I do?

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