Sunday, October 19, 2008

As Good As It Gets?

This morning my future daughter-in-law and I ran/walked a half-marathon. It was her first half-marathon, so she had a personal best; I’ve done several and this was not my personal best (2nd best, I think, but I was hoping for better). I have problems with my knees and, as in the past, they gave out before the race was over. I’ve had to stop running at six miles, eight miles and, today, at seven miles. I don’t quit the event; I just start walking…fast. I’d love to be able to run the entire way; I love the way running feels, but my knees just don’t seem to go along with my plans. I’ve tried to improve my knees with physical therapy, exercise and stretching, but long distances, specifically on pavement, just don’t work for me. I went into the race today knowing that I might have to again switch from running to walking and I felt okay about that. I felt bad about holding back my running partner, but I was okay with not being able to run the entire way. Since I love running, I’ll just keep going at it and, if and when necessary, I’ll switch to walking. I could easily walk the entire distance, but then I’d miss the thrill of running, even if I’m not able to do it for the entire race. Would I like to run the entire distance? You bet! But, if only running part way and walking the rest is all I can do; if that’s as good as it gets, well, that’s okay too.

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Jessie said...

Debbie, you didn't hold me back!! Consider that I wouldn't have even done the run without you; you pushed me! Now I know my abilities and can work on getting better. I'm glad that you'll keep running because I love running with you.
More gravel trails!!!