Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Simple Pleasure

W e are advised by “the experts” to be aware of life’s pleasures; to perk up our days be paying attention to what is happening in the here and now. It’s obvious that it feels good to give attention to a beautiful sunset or to the laughter of a child, but last month I realized another simple pleasure – washing one’s hands. At the Holt campout, I’m able to have a daily shower just as I would at home, but the reality of being outside at a campground all day meant that my hands often felt dusty and dirty. I found it such a comfort to be able to go to the restroom building to wash my hands with soap and warm water. What a wonderful feeling! Clean fresh water and wonderful smelling soap – it didn’t matter whether the soap was floral scented or just plain soap – both have a wonderful smell. Throughout the week at the campout I snuck away several times to wash my hands – a few moments of bliss.

This past Sunday, several of us ran a 10k and afterwards went to a popular local café for breakfast. As soon as we were seated I left the table to go to the restroom to wash my hands. I was exhilarated from the run, but sweaty and dusty. I had changed shirts before we entered the restaurant and had taken off my running shoes in favor of flip-flops, but I didn’t feel ready to enjoy breakfast until I’d washed my hands. Again, what a wonderful feeling: a body tired but happy from a good run, the odors of wonderful breakfast foods wafting from the kitchen, people I love waiting for me at the table and clean, fresh-smelling hands!

What simple pleasure can you identify for yourself today?

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David said...

How about Air Conditioning on a really hot day, or cinnamon pull-aparts in the morning?