Thursday, August 14, 2008

Know Your Spa

I don’t mean this as in, know the quality level and cleanliness of your spa; I mean, know what you personally find luxurious and relaxing. I know many women love “a day at the spa”. It’s a gift to themselves; a gift of relaxation and pampering. My husband and I are staying at the Coeur d’Alene Resort and the spa here has been ranked as the most romantic in the country. I’m not sure what romance has to do with a spa – maybe I’m missing something. Anyway, we’re here at this beautiful resort with a wonderful spa and I have no desire to make an appointment. Throughout the hotel there are posters and cards with pictures of beautiful women relaxing in the spa environment – they do nothing for me. While I’ve had several non-spa massages, I’ve only done a “day at the spa” once. It was a gift to me and, while I found it basically enjoyable, it’s not something that I would go out of my way to do again. However, I have my own “spa experience”; that is, an experience that I find totally luxurious and which sets the tone for relaxation. That experience is a room service breakfast. I absolutely love ordering room service for my breakfast. Not for lunch, not for dinner, just breakfast. The idea of having someone prepare me a wonderful breakfast and then bring it to me to enjoy in the privacy of my room leaves me feeling totally pampered. The tray with its linen napkins, the hot pot of coffee, the fresh flowers – what could be better? But wait, it does get better! Once I finish my lovely breakfast, I just leave the remains and the dirty dishes sitting where they are and, while I’m out, my used breakfast tray and dirty dishes magically disappear. No, I won’t be making an appointment at the spa; I know that my idea of luxury and relaxation comes in another form. I’ll have eggs Benedict today, please.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Debbie, I totally agree! It's the idea of a favorite breakfast menu (Eggs Benedict is one of my favorites), and the disappearing magic of dirty dishes that I love!
And the flower(s) on the tray! Myrna

Anonymous said...

I am so there with you on this one! I have pampered myself at day spas, but only under duress. I don't even like massages, they make me more tense because it tickles!
I love room service at hotels! I got Erika hooked on that, only because I had no choice in the matter when I had my seizure in Westminster, CO and I could barely move after my late return from the ER.
Hotels are great because we don't HAVE to clean, but I've also been on the other side. I was housekeeping for a hotel, so I never have them clean my room, just exchange the towels. I remember when I didn't have to clean a room, it made my day!
Enjoy 'your' spa days!