Wednesday, August 13, 2008

An Anti-Aging Secret

A few months ago I wrote about the way our faces begin to change as we reach this stage of our lives (5/1/08 Changing Faces). There are, however, ways to fool ourselves into thinking that the years aren’t really showing so dramatically on our faces. For instance, after publishing that blog entry, a friend e-mailed me about a Joan Rivers’ interview she’d seen several years ago. Joan had said that, after a certain age, women should make sure never to let a man see her face from below. This goes along with Oprah’s suggestion that, when being photographed, always keep your chin up.

As wrinkles appear and skin begins to sag, we can begin to feel that the face in the mirror is a vision to be avoided. Well, I have discovered the secret to looking in the mirror and liking the reflection! Yesterday, I went into a restaurant restroom and immediately admired the mirror on the wall. It was a large oval mirror that was set fairly high and held on to the wall with a bracket at its midpoint. The bracket stuck out about two inches, which allowed the lower part of the mirror to rest against the wall, while the upper part tilted out. The end result was that, when I looked in the mirror, I had to look slightly up into the tilted mirror. Looking up stretched the skin of my face and neck taking ten years off my reflection. I think I’ll be tilting all of the mirrors in my home.

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At One with Jessie said...

Another tip: paint the wall around the mirror a version of red, pink or purple. It is very flattering to all skin types. Whatever you do, don't paint the bathroom green!

PS- I love dressing rooms with mirrors tilted so that the top leans backwards; talk about losing 10 lbs! :)