Thursday, July 10, 2008

Olympic Dreams -- Life Dreams

The middle daughter of our very dear friends just finished competing in the Olympic swimming trials. After a tough freshman season complete with an injury, she ended up qualifying for five events in the trials. Over the course of the past week she made it past the preliminaries to the semi-finals twice and to the finals once. She won’t be going to Beijing, but I’m still so impressed with all she has accomplished. She has earned many awards throughout her swimming career but, obviously, The Olympics is the granddaddy that athletes shoot for. Even though our friend won’t be traveling with The Olympic team this summer, I’m still amazed by her and each and every athlete that makes it to the trials; amazed to realize just how hard they have worked, just how much they have accomplished. These athletes are young and at the top of their game, but I think their example is applicable to all of us – what can we accomplish if we put it all out there, if we actually give our dreams a chance? We may not win the big prize, but it has to be so much better to go through our lives knowing that we’ve tried and given all we have rather than to hope and dream without ever taking action. This 50-year-old woman is going to be taking a lesson from her not-quite 20-year-old friend.

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amy said...

Great reminder. Aren't you heading over to Beijing?