Monday, July 28, 2008

Is Anyone Out There?

Is anyone out there? Does anyone read my blog? I know there are people who do and I truly appreciate anyone who takes the time to read what I’ve written and, especially, anyone who lets me know, either through the “comments” feature or by direct e-mail, that something I’ve written has touched them in some way. I’ve been asked why I write this blog and, while I love to know that there are people who read it, I really write it for myself. During the past six months as I’ve explored what it means to turn 50, to age in our society, I’ve found that the act of writing this blog has been my own personal insight into living in the moment. We’re all admonished by the popular self-help gurus to “live in the moment” and to “be aware of our daily lives”. While I’ve heard these messages for years, I’ve also lived a busy, hectic life that often makes it difficult to live anywhere other than on my calendar’s To-Do list. Writing this blog has helped me to look at what is happening each day, to think about how the people and events around me are affecting my life. Writing this blog has truly helped me to think about today, what I’m doing with my day and how I feel about what is happening around me. Sure, I still have dreams for tomorrow; dreams that have also become more cemented with the process of writing, but first and foremost I want to be aware of where I am today.


Anonymous said...

this is a comment to let you know that we are indeed out here. Hurry up and post again; you're much more interesting than the daily paper! :)

Kim H. said...

I always wonder who reads my blog too, but like you, it's more for myself than for others. It is an easy way for those not near me to know what I am doing in my life. In the summer, it is harder for me to get time to myself with kids not in school. I am always supervising them in the pool, but I know they are having a great summer. My alone time will come soon when they all go back to school on the 13th!
I wish I could have worked it out to go to the campout this year. I feel I really need to be home to allow Skip to concentrate on his job, it has been very challenging for him but he too will have his time of glory.
I'm glad you watched Kim's video, to meet him in person is truly a blessing. Maybe some year he can be a special guest at the campout? This was his first ever Holt picnic! He still experiences a lot of 'firsts' so is very fun being included in those with him. I am trying to talk him into going on the family tour next summer with all of us...cross your fingers! Enjoy your day and keep writing! Hugs to all!~Kim

Anonymous said...

Oh don't you worry... I read your blog, and I'm highly amused by it.