Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mary's Mountain

During my 50th birthday luncheon Mary, a friend and family member who recently retired, told me of her plans to climb Mt. Shasta with her son the following weekend. I was so impressed that she was going to take on such a big challenge. The next weekend, I wondered off and on how the climb was going, if they were safe, if they’d reached the summit. Mary hikes, but she isn’t normally a mountain climber, so this was truly a big event for her. This was her son’s first attempt at being the guide and timing and conditioning were misjudged and the weather wasn’t as good as they’d hoped, so they didn’t make the summit, but they did go a long way up the mountain, achieving a secondary goal they’d set. I have no burning desire to climb a mountain anytime soon, but I am so impressed that Mary set a goal, worked toward it, adjusted the goal and achieved at the adjusted level without being completely disappointed. She says now that she wishes she’d trained more and had been able to go faster, but what I really love is that she’s now looking to next year and figuring out what she needs to do to make the next climb go even better. Way to go Mary!

Check out Mary’s son’s thoughts on the climb and some great photos by clicking here.

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Barbara said...

Goals like Mary's are important in life. I recently hiked into the Grand Canyon with 20 other women. We had trained for 7 months together to get ourselves ready. Even with preparation, it was very difficult. But we all survived and we managed to have a wonderful time together in the process. I'm convinced it may not be so much the feat itself that is important, but the journey getting there and the wonderful memories created along the way. Life is all about the journey.