Monday, June 16, 2008

I Love My (blank) Life

Redbook magazine does this thing where they ask people to fill in the blank in the sentence, I love my _______ life. When I think of that sentence lately, my immediate response is: I love my over-extended life. However, when my life feels over-extended, I’m not sure that I actually love it. My other choices would be: I love my entire life. I love my full and wonderful life. I love my charmed life. When I feel over-extended, as I have for several months, I sometimes wonder why I would even consider loving a life filled with this type of crazy schedule. Yesterday, sitting at a Father’s Day Mariners baseball game with my husband and all six of our children plus our extra one and our future daughter-in-law, I realized that, while over-extended is a bit too much, for the most part, all of those descriptions are really one and the same. It felt wonderful to be able to look down a row of seats and see all of these great kids and young people and to realize that you can’t have that kind of commitment and caring without having a full and wonderful life, without sometimes being over-extended. I love my life!

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Ann said...

yeI couldn't agree more!