Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Last week I flew to Denver to meet my husband for a business function and then we went on to Omaha to attend a Men’s College World Series game. As I sat on the plane in Portland waiting to take-off, I marveled that I should find myself sitting on an airplane, by myself, calm and anticipating a fun weekend when only a few years ago the idea of flying anywhere left me with shaky knees and runny bowels. Sometime in the last eleven years, when I flew to Korea to pick up a child, I have not only come to grips with the idea of flying, but I have come to enjoy it – or at least I enjoy the travel experiences enough that I no longer worry about how I get there. I think my change of attitude is probably because I’ve been able to overcome my irrational fears with positive repetition, i.e. repeatedly flying without crashing. If that’s the case, I want to think about other fears and imagined obstacles and figure out how I can overcome them with positive repetitions – I want to fly in all areas of my life.

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