Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Recently I sent a friend an e-mail complaining about this and that: the ten pounds I haven’t lost, the craziness of our lives. After writing the e-mail, I read back through it and added a postscript: I sound pathetic. Her reply, “Well, it’s good to know that you have pathetic days, too.” I realized that, in attempting to keep the message of this blog positive, I have neglected writing when I’m not feeling my best. You could go back and track my negative moods by the times that a string of dates go by without a blog entry. As I listened to my friend say that she was glad I have pathetic days, I realized that it’s been unfair to paint only a rosy picture of this aging process. I try to keep my mood upbeat and to look at the changes taking place from a positive viewpoint, but there are certainly days, or strings of days, when I’m not at my best, when the extra weight truly weighs me down, when others’ demands on my time seem unbearable, when I feel as if I’ve lost myself. It’s times like those when whining to a good friend is more necessary than ever. Sometimes, just putting the negativity into words can offset the feelings and turn the mood around. I guess the lesson I always try to teach myself is that those times are rare, their effect fleeting and it’s just necessary to look forward to the positive times that will, undoubtedly, follow.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes we are pathetic and we don't like to show that side of ourselves, but we are real and human too! Life takes a lot of work and I think being positive takes more work? I think being negative is the easy way out so let's pick ourselves up, pat ourselves on the back and say hello to another new day! Not saying that we can't have our bad days and moments.
Sure missed you at the auction, but nonetheless, we all had a nice time and it was successful. How blessed we are to be able to help the needy children and families around the world!
And dog gone it, I am not able to attend your birthday celebration! My nephew is graduating from high school. I will have to find another excuse to travel to the coast and we can all get together and celebrate everyone's milestones!
Enjoy your day, and in my eyes, you are not pathetic, just real!