Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Me Day

Last Sunday a friend of mine cancelled her daughter’s regular Sunday activity in order to have one quiet day amidst their very busy schedule. My friend anticipated it as her “Me Day”. Monday morning she sent me an e-mail, laughing at herself because, even though she had done a few things for herself: watched a TV episode she had recorded, caught up on my blog (Thank-you!) and read for a little while, most of her day had been consumed with activities that we would not normally associate with a Me Day. She washed the dog and her car, vacuumed the entire house, mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors and cleaned the hamster cage. Her Me Day was not the relaxing, stay-in-your-pajamas-and-read-a-book day that she had anticipated. How often do we do that to ourselves? I know that I find it hard to take a day and savor it just for myself. Just like my friend, even on days when I plan to relax, I end up finding things to do around the house; it’s hard to sit back and relax when there is work to be done.

This week I had the opportunity to accompany my husband on an out-of-town business trip. There was a day when he had meetings all day and I had nothing planned. When he said goodbye in the morning, he said, “Have a good day, but I can’t imagine what you’ll do all day.” Well, there I was in a luxurious hotel, lying on a plush mattress with a book and the cup of coffee my husband had brought up to me from the lobby. I didn’t really care if I did nothing more than sip that coffee and read that book for the rest of the day. I had planned to go for a run, but suddenly the comfort of the bed, the quiet in the room, the book in my hands all seemed to call to me more strongly than did my running shoes. So, I did what every person in my position should do, I called room service, ordered breakfast and I settled in.

I did eventually go for a run and, after checking out of the hotel, I spent some time just sitting by the river watching children feed the seagulls and geese, but I did those things on my own time, without hurrying, without worrying about what chores need to be done at home – it was truly a Me Day!

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